Game Allegedly Assaults Radio DJ; Rapper's Compton Properties Shot Up

G-Unit member not present during shooting.

Just as his debut album, The Documentary, hit shelves and then the top of the albums chart, G-Unit rapper the Game found himself at the center of two alleged incidents of violence — one involving an assault on a Washington, D.C., radio personality and another that ended with several of Game's Compton, California, properties being shot up.

Game (whose real name is Jayceon Taylor) and his entourage allegedly assaulted WKYS DJ Zxulu in the Lanham, Maryland, station's lobby on January 21 after he made a remark about a mobile-phone earpiece that Game's manager was using, according to a source close to the situation.

A spokesperson for Prince George's County Police Department said that an investigation into the alleged assault is under way, but that no further information could be provided.

As a result of the alleged assault, WKYS' parent company, Radio One, banned the rapper's music from its 69 stations last week. While sources close to the radio group's owner have confirmed that a ban is in effect, calls to WKYS and Radio One's corporate headquarters were not returned.

Jimmy "Henchmen" Rosemond, one of Game's managers, says that the ban is no longer an issue. "We've cleared up the Radio One misunderstanding by going to the [security] tape, and the tape showed that Game and his management had nothing to do with the 'beating' or fight as I understood it to be," Henchmen said. "Radio One has rescinded the 'ban' and we're back to selling records as usual."

Meanwhile, the Compton headquarters of the Game's company, The Black Wall Street, were targeted last week. The six adjacent homes owned by the rapper were fired upon on Thursday, a source close to that situation said. Details of the shooting are still vague, though Game was not there at the time.

Rosemond would not comment on the shooting.

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