Ying Yang Twins Fly The Flag For The U.S.A. (United State of Atlanta)

Album isn't due till summer, but leaks forced early release of single, 'Wait.'

The Ying Yang Twins have crafted more than a few crunk anthems, so it only seems natural that they'd have a country to go with them. Sure enough, the Twins' upcoming sophomore set is called U.S.A. (United State of Atlanta).

"Because of the crunk movement, a lot of people think that Atlanta is just now getting on the scene," said Kaine. "Atlanta had a big rap scene in the early '90s. People just started paying attention to it now because we came by the masses, but the third coast has never had a shot at being in the industry [until now]."

"We're just trying to put everybody in on Atlanta," added D-Roc. "They say a whole lot of people have moved down there in the last year, but not everyone knows Atlanta."

Serving as the follow-up to My Brother & Me (see "Ying Yang Twins' My Brother & Me To Feature New Songs, Lots More 'Salt Shaker' "), the album, due this summer, will feature production from frequent Ying Yang collaborator Beat-In-Azz (a.k.a. DJ Smurf) along with Lil Jon. The album will also feature a host of guest vocalists, including Jon and his East Side Boyz and Anthony Hamilton, among others.

The duo's first single, "Wait," is already gaining attention with its whispered vocals. "It comes from the perspective of talking to a lady in her ear while in the club," explained Kaine.

"You know how you're in the club and you're trying to get you some but you got to whisper because you don't want anyone to hear," D-Roc added. "Also, when you're kind of tickling her ear, so it turns her on."

According to Kaine, the single wasn't scheduled to be released this early. "Somebody leaked our music, it got MP3ed to the world and took us by surprise," he said. "It wasn't even time for us to start looking at our album, but the streets called for it."

And while the streets are calling for the party track, the Twins also plan to serve up some message-oriented material. The duo teamed with the R&B soulster Anthony Hamilton on a gospel-inspired track titled "Belle."

"It's a remake of an Al Green song," Kaine said. "It's really the darker side of the Ying Yang Twins. It's more of an in-general 'Man, we are all catching bricks hard'-type song. That song is next level, and it will take Ying Yang to the next level. It's going to make people realize what we got to offer to the game, because it's bigger than what they think it is. We're more than what they see on TV."