Ludacris And Sum 41 — With Or Without Giant Foam Hands — To Team Up On 'SNL'

Canadian pop-punkers to back Luda for 'Get Back.'

Live, from New York, it's ... Ludacris and Sum 41?

Now the super-secret team-up can be revealed. On the January 22 edition of "Saturday Night Live," the mayor of the Red Light District will take the stage accompanied by the mayors of, um, Canada's pop-punk district. Luda will perform his hit single "Get Back" with the guys from Sum 41 as his backing band.

"We had originally planned on recording a track together about three or four years ago, for the 'Spider-Man' soundtrack, but our schedules could never connect," Sum 41 frontman Deryck Whibley explained. "So when we heard about the opportunity to back him up, we said 'yeah' right away."

Though they've yet to actually rehearse "Get Back," Whibley thinks Sum 41 will be more than ready to answer Luda's call next weekend.

"We'll get together and rehearse it. Every time we're working on some new songs, we'll play them live onstage, probably during the encore," he said. "So we're going to be ready. The weird thing is that this all came together so quickly that we haven't even thought about it. This is the first time Sum 41 will play as a backing band since we did it with Iggy Pop. It'll be different, for sure."

There will probably be less shirtless action and body scarification involved than when Sum 41 backed up the Iggster, but according to Whibley, the performance with Ludacris will still have a definite rock and roll quality to it. In fact, it's already being dubbed "Get Back: The Rock Version."

"We've always loved Ludacris, because he's so smart. He realizes the humor in everything he does," he said. "We're going to make it awesome. It'll be funny, but it'll be great too. This isn't just some, like, screw-off thing."

But perhaps the biggest question of all remains unanswered: Will Sum 41 perform in giant foam hands, just like Ludacris does in the "Get Back" video? And wouldn't giant foam hands make guitar playing impossible?

"Man, it's almost impossible for me to play guitar anyway," Whibley laughed. "But maybe we'll think about using the foam hands. Whatever Ludacris wants, we'll do."