Ashlee Identifying With 'Wannabe' Character, Says She's Over 'SNL' Episode

'She's searching for herself in a sense, who she is as a woman,' Simpson said of her character.

Ashlee Simpson is discovering that she has a lot in common with the character she's about to play on the big screen in her first major film role. Just like Clea, she's got basic insecurity issues common to most young women — though the singer is a tad more successful than the aspiring actress she portrays in "Wannabe."

"She's searching for herself in a sense, who she is as a woman," Simpson said. "She's a tomboy, which is a lot of fun to play — I come to work, and it's just three minutes of going through hair and makeup, which is awesome. And there's some similarities between Clea and me. Her issues, I can definitely identify with." (Click for photos from the set of "Wannabe.")

Clea spends "Wannabe" trying to transform her musician friend Luke (Steven Strait from the upcoming "Sky High") into a rock star (see "Ashlee Simpson Trades Spotlight For Supporting Role In 'Wannabe' "). "The reason we're helping him is that he's this really talented guy, and we don't understand why nobody will sign him," she said. "But the thing is, can you make a nice guy a rock star? And will he stay sane, or will he not?"

Simpson should know — her jump into the media spotlight, thanks to "The Ashlee Simpson Show," definitely brought a fair share of madness into her life, most typified by the scrutiny she suddenly faced when she flubbed a lip-synch on live national television in October (see "Ashlee Blames Gastric Distress For 'SNL' Lip-Synch Snafu"). Since the first season of her reality show focused on the making of her debut album, Autobiography, the second season, naturally, follows what happened once that album came out, including the "SNL" moment and the ensuing media frenzy. "I'm not uncomfortable talking about 'SNL' anymore," she said. "I'm just over talking about it."

The next season, which starts airing January 26, will also show Simpson embarking on her first tour, which she says will feature her and her band "just rocking out" (see "Ashlee Simpson To Launch Tour In February"). "It's going to be nice, simple, stripped-down. I've been working on the piano, so you'll probably see me playing that," she said. "We're not trying to do anything too over-the-top."