Hilary Duff Got 'Ghetto' When Necessary For New LP

Singer flew home on weekends during movie shoot to finish it.

When you shoot three movies a year, it's not easy finding time to make a record.

"I was in the middle of filming 'The Perfect Man' and was literally flying home on the weekends trying to get it done," Hilary Duff said of her upcoming self-titled second album. "Even on this [recent] tour, in the beginning, we were like going to studios at night trying to get it done. One time we set up a microphone in my dressing room and I did the outro to the album. It was so ghetto, but we got it done."

Not only did Duff get it done, she found time to write two of the songs, "Haters" and "Mr. James Dean," and co-write another, "Rock This World."

Although her first single, "Fly," just hit radio and video outlets, she's already eyeing "Haters" as the follow-up. "It's done very tongue-in-cheek," she said. "People will know what it's about [when they hear it]."

Duff's sister, Haylie, also worked on the album, as did most of the songwriters and producers from Hilary's 2003 LP, Metamorphosis.

"It was cool for me because I would talk to the writers and tell them what I was going through, what I feel," Duff said. " 'Write me a song about this. Write me a song about that.' So even though I didn't write it all, I feel very close to it. I could change everything I wanted."

Duff described the vibe as a bit heavier and more personal than her debut.

"I'm nervous for people to hear it," she said. "Some of the things I talked about [on the album] I wouldn't sit here and talk about, but I feel like there's some answers on it."

Hilary Duff is due Tuesday, the singer/actress' 17th birthday. So how will she celebrate?

"It's good luck to buy a bunch of copies on the day it comes out, but I'll be in Mexico 'cause my sister planned a birthday party for me there," she said.

The trip will be a well-deserved vacation for the sisters, who just wrapped a summer tour (see "Hilary Duff Shows A 'Girl Can Rock' — Safely — At New York Show").

"I'm glad it's over," Duff said. "It was really an incredible feeling. Being onstage is instant gratification. It's really cool to have 13,000 people in a venue singing every word to every song, but I got tired living out of a suitcase."

Duff's vacation won't last too long, however, as she needs to return to the States to promote "Raise Your Voice," which opens October 8. In the movie, Duff plays a small-town girl who moves to Los Angeles to attend a music conservatory. Although it sounds like an easy role for the singer, it proved to be quite challenging to act like a rookie.

"That was hard because now I'm really confident onstage and in the studio," Duff said. "Sean [McNamara, the director] would stop during the middle of a take and stay, 'Stop it. Pull back.' I was almost embarrassed that people wouldn't know I was trying to not be good."

Duff usually likes to keep her acting and singing separate, but she liked the "Raise Your Voice" script enough to sign on. She plans to take some time off from acting now to focus on music, but she hopes to return to the big screen next year, possibly to play a villain. "I don't know if people are ready to see me like that right now ... but I think I would do it good," she said.

To hear Hilary Duff's new album, check out "The Leak: Hilary Duff."