Ciara Not Impressed By Your Cutlass On 22s

Singer's debut album, Goodies, to hit shelves September 28.

If 18-year-old Ciara Harris wasn't impressed by guys who were ballin' before, imagine how tough it's going to be now that she's had the #1 song in the country for three weeks in a row.

"I'm breaking it down, man, I'm not materialistic at all," the singer explained about the lyrics in her hit song "Goodies," which features Petey Pablo. "Just because you drive a Benz, I'm not goin' home with you," she sings. "You won't get no nookie or the cookies, I'm no rookie."

"Basically the record is talking about women, what young ladies and women go through," she continued. "Like if you're at the mall or in the club, wherever you are, the guys think they can come with like, 'I got an iced-out chain, I got the bling-bling watch, a Cutlass on 22s.' They're flossing real hard and they think that just 'cause they got it, it's gonna be easy. It's not that easy."

Ciara, whose September 28 debut is also called Goodies, says that while she has another track on her album that women will find empowering, for the most part she tried to keep it universal.

"It's about everybody," she said of the project. "You'll have songs with different emotions, happy, sad, 'my heart is broken.' What everybody goes through.

"There's a song called 'Pick Up the Phone,' " she added. "It basically talks about having that significant other and you're just saying, 'Pick up the phone, I know you see my number on the caller ID.' I have another record called 'Thug Style.' I'm spitting game to a boy like how a boy would spit to a girl. 'Hey you, it's me/ Turn the music down so you can hear my invitation/ Now what I want you to do is come through to the crib without hesitation.' "

Jazze Pha was the executive producer on the album and Ciara also worked with Lil Jon (who produced "Goodies"), R. Kelly, Missy Elliott and Ludacris.

"I'm very content right now," she said of her success. "I take everything a day at a time. Every time I hear good news, I'm shouting out, 'Praise God.' Everybody around me is so excited, I still haven't got it. I haven't really felt it like they're feeling it for me."

Besides the version of "Goodies" that's already dominating the charts, there is a remix of the track on mixtapes featuring T.I. and Jazze Pha. Ciara's label is not yet sure whether a video will be coming for that record.