Tony Hawk, Bam Margera Face Off In 'Underground' Sequel

Game includes upgraded custom settings, Bam's naked dad.

Tony Hawk and Bam Margera have always been adversaries inside the half-pipe, but now their feud is spilling over to the streets. It's Team Hawk versus Team Bam on a global scale in the new skating game, "Tony Hawk's Underground 2."

"It's a world-destruction tour," Hawk said. "Bam is a huge part of it. It's a giant scavenger hunt via Bam. The game is way beyond anything we've done before. There's a lot of hijinks, let's put it that way."

"It's Tony's team versus my team. And I have some guy in a hockey mask holding a sheep and skating with a can of gasoline," said Margera. "They made it Bam versus Tony, and they didn't tell [either of us.] They were so apologetic, like, 'We'll give you a bonus or something.' And I was like, 'This is great! I can't complain about this!' "

The game, which hits stores October 6, picks up where last year's "Underground" title left off. You start as an established pro skater, recruited by Hawk to take on Margera's team of misfits. From there, the game can take one of two (sometimes overlapping) paths: a skate-heavy "classic mode" or an expanded "story mode," which takes players to such cities as Boston, Barcelona and Berlin.

"In the last game, it wasn't like you just turn it on and you're a pro skater, it was about the process of becoming a pro," Hawk said. "This time you're already a pro, and it's more about going out and having fun, and going out there and skating."

In addition to the storyline developments, player customization — a hallmark of the Tony Hawk franchise — has been upgraded. Besides being able to upload photos of faces for characters, players can now create custom graffiti tags and logos, or design their own skate parks. There are also secret levels from the "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater" games to unlock, and more than 20 bonus characters to control.

"There's a lot more dialogue. There's actually, like, a plot," Margera said. "And my dad is a bonus character. My dad is in his sick underwear, skating naked. I didn't even know about it. Don't I have any say in whether my dad is naked in a video game? It's all funny. I think it's good."

But just because you're a character in the game, it doesn't necessarily mean you've got game. Just ask Margera.

"I play the game but I'm not very good at it. All my friends are better at being me than me," he lamented. "Hawk is a master at it. I play it for fun. My friends are like, 'You suck at being you. Let me play.' "