Shyne Protests Prison's 'Taliban Phone Rules' In Fax To MTV

Rapper lost telephone privileges during recent media blitz.

"The Shyne movement will not be censored," the man at the epicenter insists.

On Thursday (September 2) the imprisoned MC lashed out against those in the penal system who recently revoked his phone privileges (see "Shyne's Phone Privileges Revoked In Wake Of Media Blitz"), detailing his grievances in a handwritten letter faxed to MTV News by his lawyers.

"I categorically deny any intentional wrongdoing," Shyne wrote in the letter. "The extreme measures taken by the department of incorrection to suspend my phone privileges and deny the media access are draconian at best. Such extreme steps are taken only with the most dangerous or disruptive inmates; I qualify as neither."


View Shyne's letter

Shyne wrote that he has been a model prisoner since his incarceration and that he is no threat to anyone. "This is about me inadvertently failing to comply with [their] Taliban phone rules, which amount to blackmail and extortion," he went on to say.

The Brooklyn native ended his letter with an exhortation to vote for John Kerry.

Despite not being able to use the phone, Shyne's career stays on the upswing. He gets a huge shout-out from Jadakiss on the remix of "Why" and is featured on Usher's "Confessions, Pt. 2" remix as well as singer Keyshia Cole's "Changed My Mind." Meanwhile, Shyne's Godfather Buried Alive is approaching gold status and has spawned the single and video "Jimmy Choo."

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