Shyne's Phone Privileges Revoked In Wake Of Media Blitz

Authorities looking into whether number of calls rapper made violates prison rules.

After making approximately 100 phone calls from prison for purposes that included granting interviews and recording rap tracks, Shyne has had his phone privileges revoked.

On Monday, the rapper was told that he could not make any more phone calls or conduct any further in-person interviews from Dannemora, New York's Clinton Correctional Facility, where he is being held. Authorities are looking into whether the number of phone calls he made violated prison rules, according to The Associated Press.

As Shyne prepared for the release of his new album, Godfather Buried Alive (the first to be released on his Gangland Records imprint), the rapper conducted interviews with MTV News (see "Shyne: Blessed With Curses"), The New York Times and Vibe, among other media outlets, and apparently recorded tracks for the album over the phone.

According to the AP, New York law prohibits prisoners from calling cell phones, having calls transferred, doing business via phone or calling reporters outside of a designated media list. In the early stages of their investigation, authorities have found that Shyne broke all of those laws and listed false names on his designated call sheet.

The New York State Crime Victims Board is seeking details on the rapper's contract with Def Jam, the label that reportedly shelled out $10 million to house Shyne's Gangland imprint.

Since the state's Son of Sam Law further prevents prisoners from making profit off their crimes, if the investigation finds that the rapper conducted business over the phone before Godfather Buried Alive was released, any victims of his crime may be permitted to sue him for compensation.

In July, Shyne told MTV News that he was not receiving any visitors unless the visit was related to the promotion of his album.