Pink Flees Prague After Bomb Blast

Bomb explodes outside venue before concert; singer leaves city after performing.

Pink fled Prague Sunday after a bomb exploded outside the Royal Casino just hours before the singer was scheduled to perform at the venue.

Pink had planned to vacation in the city, the capital of the Czech Republic, for a few days before traveling to Denmark for her next concert, according to The Associated Press, but changed her mind and left the city after her concert. She was reportedly staying at a hotel near the site of the explosion.

The bomb, which went off under an armored white Jeep Cherokee, appeared to have been aimed at the Israeli proprietor of the casino and owner of the car, Assaf Abutbul, according to Reuters. Abutbul's father, Felix Abutbul, was murdered in the same spot two years earlier, and police are investigating a potential link between the two crimes.

The explosion reportedly injured 18 bystanders, including two Americans. No arrests have been made.

At press time, calls to Pink's publicist had not been returned.