Coheed And Cambria Comic Makes Their Story Simple ... Almost

Band creates comic-book series to explain its fantastical origins.

Anyone who thinks that Coheed and Cambria are just the Warped Tour band responsible for the single "A Favor House Atlantic," take note.

Coheed and Cambria are actually a married couple who attempted to kill their own children, with three of the four winding up dead. The lucky one, Claudio, fled into hiding.

Because of a serum injected into his bloodstream years ago, Coheed transformed into the Monstar after gazing at his wife on another planet. Although he's evil, Monstar has the ability to either save or destroy the universe, which is on the brink of disaster following the disarray of the keywork, a beam of energy that sustains the planets.

If this all sounds confusing, the band's comic-book series, "The Bag On Line Adventures," should clear things up.

"The Second Stage Turbine Blade," which premiered last week at the San Diego Comic-Con, is the first episode of an expected six that better explains the origin of the saga. The band first spun its bizarre sci-fi epic on 2002's debut album of the same name. Only that wasn't the real beginning, only the second episode. Like "Star Wars," the very beginning of Coheed and Cambria's tale is being saved for a prequel serving as the inspiration for their fourth album.

Written by Coheed and Cambria singer/guitarist Claudio Sanchez and illustrated by Wes Abbott, "The Second Stage Turbine Blade" will be available nationally later this year. Pre-orders are being taken on the band's Web site,


Click for photos from Coheed and Cambria's Turbine Blade comic book

Their second and latest album, In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3, independently issued last year and given a major-label re-release in June, is based on the third part of the story, while its follow-up, the band's third album, will relay the fourth part.

Thematically, In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 picks up where the The Second Stage's track "Neverender" left off, although what was thought to be a dream sequence turns out to be reality. Planet Earth and its solar system is lost in the dust cloud that resulted from its severance from the Fence, 78 planets aligned in a triangular form and sustained by the keywork. Ambellina, of the race of Prises, has become human to watch and protect Claudio, Coheed and Cambria's sole surviving son. We're also introduced to Al, a racist killer (only white girls) who owns the spaceship the Camper Velourium.

Now you see why a written explanation was in order?