Jadakiss Busted For Celebrating Fourth Of July With A Bang

Rapper receives misdemeanor drug and weapons citations after setting off fireworks in North Carolina parking lot.

Jadakiss and members of his crew were a little too hearty in their Independence Day revelry, according to police in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Early Monday morning, the MC was given two citations for misdemeanor drug and weapons charges after being pulled over by police for setting off fireworks.

According to a spokesperson for the police, Jadakiss (whose real name is Jason Phillips) and an unspecified number of people were driving in an SUV through a Food Lion parking lot at around midnight. Police spotted someone throwing firecrackers out of the window, stopped the vehicle and warned Jada and company to stop the activity. But once the SUV pulled off again, more fireworks were seen coming from the automobile.

Police stopped Jada and his entourage again and searched the vehicle. A small amount of marijuana was in plain view and two .45-caliber guns were found. After the rapper took responsibility for being in charge of the SUV, he was given citations for marijuana possession and concealing weapons, but he was not arrested.

Neither Jadakiss nor his spokesperson could be reached for comment.