Beyonce Wants To Follow 'Pink Panther' With A Movie A Year

Singer starring alongside Steve Martin in remake of comedy classic.

Even the most good-hearted of souls would have a hard time not being consumed with jealousy when pondering Beyoncé's move from the studio to the soundstage.

The Destiny's Child diva and breakout solo star waltzed onto the big screen in 2002's "Austin Powers in Goldmember," honing her comedy chops opposite Mike Myers. Now, after a starring turn opposite Oscar-winner Cuba Gooding Jr. in "The Fighting Temptations," Beyoncé is rubbing elbows with another comedy kingpin, Steve Martin, in the upcoming "Pink Panther" remake (see "Beyonce To Star Opposite Steve Martin In 'Pink Panther' ").

"I thought this would be so fun," Beyoncé told MTV on the set of the film. "I knew it would be with Steve Martin, and I knew it was 'The Pink Panther.' I knew it would be history and it would be fun."

For his part, Martin seems glad to have the singer on board, calling her, "Lovely to look at, delightful to hold."

Beyoncé won't be stretching much in the film; she plays an international superstar known the world over by just one name (though in the film it's "Xania"). Still, she's prepping herself for the daunting task of sharing the screen with Martin's manic genius.

"I gotta make sure I'm on top of my game, because I want to make sure they don't have to wait on me," she said. "I do get nervous. It's always a learning experience. That's what life is about."

Playing to her strengths, Beyoncé will get to belt out a song during the film — all this while she continues to work on the next Destiny's Child record. "I'm in the studio by night with Destiny's Child, and in the day I'm here on the set."

Despite the multitasking, the singer/actress hopes for even more trips to Hollywood in the years ahead.

"I'm trying to surround myself with great actors so I can keep growing and doing more movies," she said. "Hopefully, I'll do a movie a year."

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