Mixtape Mondays: J Bravo, Snoop Dogg, Juvenile, Soulja Slim

Chicago DJ's Operation Shutdown Vol. 1 features Bumpy Johnson, Sly Polaroid.

Artist: J Bravo

Mixtape: J Bravo Presents Operation Shutdown Vol. 1

Representing: Chicago

The 411: J Bravo is an underground producer on the come up. Unofficially he's made his own version of Jay-Z's The Black Album called Blacker Than Black. Officially he's laid tracks for some Roc-A-Fella artists, but they've yet to be released. Bravo is also a hustler. Like most mixtape DJs, he's pushing more than music on his tapes. Bravo is incorporating ringtones and alerts on his street CD.

Joints To Check For:

  • "The World Is Filled" by Bumpy Johnson and Sly Polaroid. From robberies for Jordan sneakers and Starter jackets to a girl who listens to house music and makes love like she's on the dance floor, Chicago's newest mixtape sensation, Bumpy Johnson, says he's seen and done it all. Here he and Sly Polaroid rap about their history of wilding out over Biggie's beat from "The World Is Filled ..."
  • "What They Gonna Do" remix by Lil Jon, Lil Scrappy, JR Writer, Severe Garcia and Bumpy Johnson. Lil Jon overshadows everyone on this track by asking questions and giving answers as he bullies people in the club. "If you roll up in the club and them n---as wanna bug/ When you step up to they face/ What they gon' do? Sh--!"
  • "So High" by Terrance Martin featuring Snoop Dogg and Supafly. The Dogghouse tag team raps with the unknown Martin on a jazzy-flavored beat to run game on some dames.

Don't Sleep: Other Notable Selections This Week

  • DJ Muggs' Rock Superstar
  • Big Mike, Supa Mario and J-Hood's Hood Stripes
  • DJ Period's Sound Clash: Dancehall Heat Vol. 2
  • DJ Mello's The Best Of Lloyd Banks

'Hood's Heavy Rotation: Bubbling Below The Radar

  • Juvenile featuring Soulja Slim - "Slow Motion"
  • Young Buck - "Let Me In"
  • Lil' Flip featuring Snoop Dogg and Game - "Game Over (West Coast Remix)"
  • Mobb Deep featuring R. Kelly - "Time Is Here"
  • Jadakiss - The Champ Is Here mixtape
  • Cormega featuring Ghostface - "Tony Montana"

Celebrity Favs

This week we heard from Dilated Peoples, the West Coast trio who are taking hip-hop to a higher level with the single "This Way" (literally, watch their video). "We're a little biased because Alchemist just gave us a Alchemist and Mobb Deep mixtape," said DJ Babu.

"A lot of people have hits, but when you get their mixtape, you can find out if they spit," Evidence added.

"The Alchemist joint is ridiculous," Rakaa affirmed. "DJ Vlad, out in L.A., Julio G., he's an architect and legend. Strong Arm Steady."

The Streets Is Talking: News & Notes From The Underground

Sadly, the biggest record of Soulja Slim's career is coming after his death. The New Orleans MC, who was murdered in November, is heard on Juvenile's new single, "Slow Motion." In the South, the streets created such a sense of urgency to have the record officially released as a single that Juvi says he had no choice but to quickly shoot and release a video right on the heels of "Bounce Back."

"The video is generally a rest-in-peace video," Juvi said. "We just did it in a 'Back That Azz Up' [vibe]. We did the rest-in-peace thing plus let the women shake a little bit, to show them what slow motion really means. It was nice, real colorful in the park. Thousands of people were at the video shoot."

With Slim gone, Juvi had to take over the entire video, but the deep-toned MC said he gives Soulja all the credit for coming up with their collaboration: "He made the song, not me. He gave me the song. He came up with the track, the hook and everything already. He was like, 'I'd rather it be on your album, it would help me out more.' The video was already planned, but when he died it forced us to do 'Bounce Back' first."

Juvenile is no longer signed to Cash Money Records and just put out a UTP group album (the crew also consists of Skip and Wacko) on Rap-A-Lot Records called Beginning of the End. They have a song in the streets called "Nolia Clap."

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