Beanie Sigel's Attempted-Murder Trial Ends With Hung Jury

Judge declares mistrial Tuesday after jury could not reach verdict.

The trial of Beanie Sigel for attempted murder ended with a hung jury on Tuesday afternoon at the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia. A mistrial was declared by Judge Karen Shreeves-Johns after jurors in the case deliberated for five days — one day longer than the trial itself — and still could not decide on Sigel's fate.

On Thursday, jurors told the judge that they could not reach a verdict. She sent them back into deliberations saying they had not given the matter enough time. Frequently during discussions, the five men and seven women of the jury asked to review as much of the evidence presented in the case as possible, at one time earning a rebuke from the judge for failing to pay attention closely the first time.

On April 20, Sigel's lawyer, Fortunato Perri Jr., closed his defense without calling Sigel — or a single witness — to testify. Instead, the defense questioned the credibility of the victim, Terrance Speller, and the single eyewitness, David Aimes, who both said that they had been drinking and were high on marijuana when the shooting took place outside a Philadelphia bar in July (see "Beanie Sigel Arrested, Charged With Attempted Murder").

Several of Sigel's friends and associates came to court to support him throughout the trial, including Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Kanye West, Freeway and Roc-A-Fella owners Damon Dash and Kareem Biggs.

Beanie could face the same charges if prosecutors decide to retry the case with a new jury. Sigel also still faces sentencing on July 8 after pleading guilty last week on an unrelated gun charge (see "Beanie To Plead Guilty, Face Time On Gun Charges").