New Releases: Ben Jelen, 'Kill Bill Vol. 2' Soundtrack, Danger Mouse, Sugarcult, Satyricon & More

Ben Jelen is just releasing his first album this week, but he's already ready to Give It All Away. His debut features the single "Come On," as well as a little Matrix magic on production.

Sugarcult's ode to love and California, Palm Trees and Power Lines, drops alongside the "Kill Bill Vol. 2" soundtrack, which features "A Few Words From the Bride," a.k.a. Uma Thurman, and music by Johnny Cash.

Autopilot Off's Make a Sound hits this week, as does Danger Mouse — the producer behind the Beatles/ Jay-Z mash-up, The Grey Album — and Jemini's Ghetto Pop Life, featuring guest appearances by the Pharcyde and Tha Liks.

Finally, in DVD news, Cypress Hill release The Ultimate Video Collection and RZA comes to you Live From Germany.

Out Tuesday, April 13:

  • Rabih Abou-Khalil - Morton's Foot (Justin Time)

  • Autopilot Off - Make a Sound (Island)

  • Blackie & the Rodeo Kings - BARK (True North/Rounder)

  • Blue Rodeo - Greatest Hits Vol. 1 (Rounder)

  • Gary Burton - Generations (Concord Jazz)

  • Sam Bush - King of My World (Sugar Hill)

  • Crossfade - Crossfade (Columbia/Earshot)

  • Danger Mouse and Jemini - Ghetto Pop Life (Lex)

  • Dropbox - Dropbox (Realign/UME)

  • Ex-Girl - Endangered Species (Alternative Tentacles)

  • Frank Gambale - Raison D'etre (Wombat)

  • Gutbucket - Dry Humping the American Dream (Cantaloupe)

  • Ben Jelen - Give It All Away (Maverick)

    Buy Now: Give It All Away (Maverick)

  • Living Things - Resight Your Rights (DreamWorks/Interscope)

  • Allison Moorer - The Duel (Sugar Hill)

  • Name Taken - Hold On (Geffen)

  • The Oxford Collapse - Some Wilderness (Kanine)

  • Radford - Sleepwalker (Universal)

  • Joe Satriani - Is There Love in Space? (Epic)

  • Satyricon - Volcano (Red Ink/eatURmusic)

  • Bob Schneider - I'm Good Now (Shockorama/Vanguard)

  • Slow Pain - L.A. Blues (Thump)

  • Sugarcult - Palm Trees and Power Lines (Fearless/Artemis)

    Buy Now: Palm Trees and Power Lines (Fearless/Artemis)

  • The Tubes - White Punks on Dope (Acadia)

  • Turbo Tabla - Bellydance Overdrive (Ark 21)

  • The Vestals - The Vestals (Warming House)

  • Doc Watson - Sittin' Here Pickin' the Blues (Rounder)

  • Adrienne Young - Plow to the End of the Row (TK)

  • Various artists - Golden Era of Rock 'N' Roll: 1954-1963 (Hip-O)

  • Various artists - Jazz Lounge 2 (Water Music)

  • Various artists - "Kill Bill Volume 2" soundtrack (Maverick)

  • Various artists - Old Skars & Upstarts 2004 (Disaster)

  • DVD: Cypress Hill - "The Ultimate Video Collection" (Sony)

  • DVD: RZA - "Live From Germany" (Nutech)

April 20:

April 27:
  • Diana Krall - The Girl in the Other Room (Verve)
  • Joey McIntyre - 8:09 (Artemis)
  • Patti Smith - Trampin' (Sony)
  • Various artists - "American Idol" Season 3: Greatest Soul

    Classics (RCA)

May 4:

May 18:
  • Alanis Morissette - So Called Chaos (Maverick)
  • Morrissey - You Are the Quarry (Sanctuary)

May 25: