Velvet Revolver Diggin' Tunnels — No, Not To Spring Weiland

They chose catacombs to be the centerpiece of their new video.

After a false start a month ago, Velvet Revolver are back on track, having regrouped with singer Scott Weiland to shoot a video for "Slither" recently, which they call their "right cross" that's going to knock people out.

Directed by Kevin Kerslake, the video follows club kids as they chase through underground tunnels in search of the rock band. But these aren't just any tunnels — they're the catacombs of Paris, where a new wave of rock-oriented raves are changing club culture.

"It's crazy," drummer Matt Sorum said. "Everyone's all text messaging each other to find out where the shows are, and it's got a great vibe. We wanted to re-create that, because it's super-underground, and it's a real rock resurgence."

Though the catacomb scenes were shot a month ago in the Czech Republic, the band had to put off its Los Angeles performance scenes until Weiland was free to leave lockdown rehab on a day pass this past week (see "Scott Weiland To Enter Rehab Immediately, By Order Of Judge"). Weiland's Velvet Revolver bandmates are working around his court-ordered rehab stint to plan promotional duties for their upcoming album, Contraband, including a tour.

"There's no dirty water under the bridge with us," bassist Duff McKagan said. "We've all been to the same place, to the extreme."

"It would be hard for us to look down on one another when we've all been knocked down, knocked out and dragged through the ropes," Weiland said.

"Slither" is released to radio this week, while the video premieres April 27 at 9 p.m. ET on MTV2's "Velvet Revolver Makes a Video Premiere."