Method Man Follows Some Strippers Around For Directing Debut

Rapper films documentary 'The Strip Game.'

Method Man has finished directing his first project for the big screen. But whatever you do, he says, don't call it a movie.

"I did a documentary," he said recently. "Let's not say 'movie' because then it'll be [considered] art."

The distinction is important because the subjects of Method Man's film are exotic dancers. The rapper and his documentary producer, Shauna Garr, are putting the finishing touches on "The Strip Game," a look at the lives of five strippers in five different states. "We didn't just go inside the strip clubs and film them stripping," Method Man explained. "We followed them in their everyday lives, which was phenomenal. Just their regular home life. You'd be surprised how their parents feel about it and stuff like that."

"The Strip Game" is set to be distributed in theaters by Lions Gate after a quick tour of the festival circuit at the end of the year. Several of Method Man's songs with Wu-Tang compatriot the RZA will be used for the film's soundtrack, according to Garr.

In other Method Man big-screen news, he and Redman have just officially signed on for yet another film together. It's a remake of a 2002 Korean movie called "Gwangbokjeol Tueksa," which translates into "Jail Breakers" (see "Red And Meth To Break Out Of 'Jail' "). In the movie, two guys who break out of jail find out that they've just been pardoned. They then try to break back into jail so as to accept the pardon and not get busted for their escape.