Listen To Anna Kendrick Sing The Best 'Last Five Years' Song

You, and you, and nothing but you.

Fans of Anna Kendrick, musical theater and musical theater involving Anna Kendrick, rejoice: there are finally full-length songs from Kendrick's upcoming musical flick "The Last Five Years" available for download.

If you saw "Into the Woods" and you were like, "Man, I loved that, but I wish that 90 percent of the characters weren't there and this was set in New York City instead of a magical forest and also that all the songs were about a doomed relationship," we have just the movie for you! "The Last Five Years" follows struggling actress Cathy (Kendrick) and her boyfriend, on-the-rise novelist Jamie (Jeremy Jordan), through their half-decade relationship. As the very first song in the movie reveals, things don't end so well.

The movie doesn't come out until February 13 (romantic!), but the soundtrack, which is most of the movie anyway (there's very little unsung dialogue), is available for pre-order now. And, lucky you, if you place your order on iTunes, you get two songs -- one of Jordan's ("Moving Too Fast") and one of Kendrick's ("I Can Do Better Than That") to download right effing now.

Kendrick's "I Can Do Better Than That," describing her character's ambitions and how she's outgrown her whole town, was excerpted in the trailer for the movie (complete with car sex!), but now you can listen to the whole thing, embedded below. And in our humble opinion, it's the best song of the entire movie. Enjoy!

"The Last Five Years" hits theaters February 13.