Cold Continue, Return Fire At Evanescence's Amy Lee

Singer Scooter Ward praises departed guitarist, regrets Lee's rehab remarks.

Currently without a guitarist, Cold will persevere.

While seeking a replacement for axeman Terry Balsamo, who defected to Evanescence, Cold prepare to drop "Wasted Years," the third single from Year of the Spider, according to a post by Cold singer Scooter Ward on the band's Web site, When the tune will surface is not yet known. It follows previous singles "Stupid Girl" and "Suffocate" off Cold's third album.

Ward also said Cold will start work on their fourth album when they finish an as-yet-unannounced forthcoming tour.

There appear to be no hard feelings between Ward and Balsamo. "Terry was and is a great person, and I don't think anyone should ever speak ill of him," he wrote.

The same can't be said about Ward's opinion of Evanescence singer Amy Lee, however. After confirming Balsamo's departure, which was announced by Lee during an interview Friday in Australia (see "Evanescence Name New Guitarist"), Ward admitted he was taken aback at Lee's proclamation that Cold were breaking up because of Ward's multiple stays in rehab.

"I also don't know why Amy threw my life out there like she did," Ward wrote. "I never did anything but treat her with respect, but this is the life I choose and not everything can be a secret. I just wish she would have let me tell my story when I was ready."

In the Australian interview, Lee said she was "pretty sure that [Ward] is in and out of rehab and having real problems."