Ozzy Recovering In Intensive Care From ATV Crash

Wife Sharon, daughter Kelly at his bedside.

Ozzy Osbourne is recovering as expected in a U.K. hospital after an accident on a four-wheel ATV injured him severely on Monday.

At Wexham Park Hospital in Slough, a town west of London, 55-year-old Osbourne was recovering in intensive care, according to the metal legend's spokespeople. A ventilator, which doctors had hoped to remove Wednesday (December 10), had been assisting Osbourne with his breathing.

Although the crash caused some bleeding in his lungs, the ventilator was used mainly due to the fact that patients sometimes have difficulty taking deep breaths after breaking multiple ribs. Osbourne broke eight in the accident, in addition to fracturing his collarbone and cracking a vertebra in his neck (see "Ozzy Seriously Injured After Crashing All-Terrain Vehicle"). Surgery was required immediately after Osbourne was admitted to the hospital to alleviate a blocked artery caused by the broken collarbone.

Osbourne had been sedated while on the ventilator; once he is off sedatives doctors will be better able to assess his condition.

Ozzy's wife, Sharon, arrived at the hospital from Los Angeles on Tuesday and explained what she knew of the accident to reporters upon landing at London's Heathrow Airport. "Apparently he was on his quad bike and he hit something and he fell and the bike landed on top of him," she said. Sharon added that she was informed of the incident in a phone call from Ozzy's security guard.

Daughter Kelly also visited her father's bedside on Tuesday. She had traveled from London, where the pair were promoting their new single, "Changes," from Kelly's album of the same name.

While Sharon is by her husband's side, an array of guests will take over hosting duties for her syndicated TV talk show, "The Sharon Osbourne Show." Son Jack will take the reigns for Thursday's episode, 'NSYNC's Lance Bass will assume the position on Friday and actor Dan Cortese will be Sharon for a day on Tuesday.