Cam'ron Jumping Off The R. Kelly Bandwagon

He's annoyed the crooner didn't appear on his Purple Haze.

B2K, P. Diddy, Jay-Z ... it seems everyone in the music industry has love for R. Kelly. But there is one artist who isn't smitten with him: the fashion-trendsetting, lyrical lethal Pink Panther of rap, Cam'ron.

The leader of the Diplomats is heated because he says he was there for the R. when his sex scandal first broke, and now Kells is reneging on an agreement they had for the singer to appear on Cam's upcoming Purple Haze LP.

"Me, I got beef with R. Kelly," said Cam, who recorded the "Snake" remix with R. Kelly and made an unauthorized remix of Kelly's "Thoia Thoing" this year. "The 'Snake' song, he asked me to fly to L.A. and do the video, I said fine, all in exchange for him to do a beat and hook on my album. There's no beat from Kelly, there's no hook from R. Kelly."

Cam said he realizes that Kelly is busy, but was insulted because the R. has made time for people who only just recently got in his corner.

"The whole industry was sh---in' on you," the rapper further vented. "Now everybody is back on the bandwagon, I'm jumping off. I still love his music, he's a great musician, but I can't do business with that man, 'cause that's bad business. I could have invoiced you and said, 'This is my fee.' That's what I'm gonna do [now]."

Cam does have his sights set on another crooner who's been known to get the ladies screaming — Maxwell. He wants the singer to help him remake Earth, Wind & Fire's "Reasons."

"I always loved the song when I was growing up," he explained. "I been wanting somebody to do [the beat for me] for a minute."

If neither Kelly nor Maxwell work out, Cam can rest assured that he does have at least one singer definitely on his LP. Dip Set wild man Freaky Zeeky guest stars on "Hey Lady," which samples Roger Troutman's "Computer Love."

"I see the hate in your eye, damn, them boys is too fly," Zeeky sings off-key. "The way we roll up, rims all swole up, ice all froze up, sing!"

"Hey Lady" is one of a slew of records that Cam's put on the mixtapes and leaked to some radio stations the past few months, along with "Get Em Girls," "Killa Cam," "Dead Mother----ers," "Diamond and Pearls" (yes, it's Cam's own take on the Prince classic replete with the sample of the purple people eater), and "The Halftime Show," where he raps over the beat to ESPN's "SportsCenter" theme. "I did that song in 15 minutes," he said. "I did it and put it out [immediately]. On the record, I relate a lot of stuff going on in my life to sports."

Killa's LP doesn't drop till around mid-February, and he says he'll be working on material until the very last minute. He just put out another new record that his camp says may be the strongest contender for a single, "Shake." On the cut, Cam'ron encourages women to "shake something" and raps about spending time in the Bahamas with Alyssa Milano.

Cam is looking to shoot his first video in support of Purple Haze within the next few weeks.

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