Andre 3000 Goes Pepto, Hilary Eats Trophy Nachos, Nicky Covers For Paris At VH1 Awards

Beyoncé wins Big Entertainer, Ashton Kutcher named most stylish.

UNIVERSAL CITY, California — In a night dedicated to reality TV and

Jessica Simpson's bowel movements, among other zany,

year-end pop-culture tributes, it was a timeless,

world-class a cappella performance by the venerable Al

Green that gave everyone goose bumps at VH1's Big in

03 Awards.

As Green's "Let's Stay Together" filled

the Universal Amphitheatre Thursday, presenters Katie

Holmes and Bernie Mac began a waltz that inspired

fans of even "The OC" to grab a partner and sway.

Just minutes later, they'd be da-donk-da-donk-ing to

Outkast's Andre 3000, who gave one of the year's most captivating — and most Pepto Bismol pink — live performances, with

"Hey Ya!"

Airing November 30, the show that is a hodgepodge of music, movies,

TV and politics doled out shiny trophies for offbeat

honors such as Biggest Gay Hero and the Big Quote of

2003, which went to famed President Bush bad-mouther Natalie

Maines of the Dixie Chicks.

"There's an old Texas expression," Maines said,

accepting her award from Bill Maher. "If you don't

have anything nice to say, go to London and say it in

front of 2,000 people."

When speeches turned to war and politics, hosts Aisha

Tyler and D.L. Hughley kept things

chill by playing dress-up, both together and with others in attendance. At one point, Tyler, armed with a cell phone and a pink velour suit, and Tracy

Morgan, clad in Red Sox gear, gave an "SNL"-worthy impression of Ben and J. Lo.

Earlier, on the anti-red carpet — it was powder blue — Morgan grew serious when talking about the recent molestation allegations against Michael


"It makes me sad," he said. "I grew up with Michael's

songs. I pray for him. I pray for everybody."

The blue-carpet buzz was also on Beyoncé, who arrived

late from the Vibe Awards, held the same night, to claim the Big Entertainer of 2003 award; and no-show Hilton sister, Paris, and

her recently uncovered sex tape. "Things could be

better," said her sister, Nicky, wearing a fresh

Australian tan and a white, down-to-there gown. "Paris is at home. With Tinkerbell [her diamond-studded Chihuahua]."

For a show centered loosely around trucker hats and

guilty pleasures — like fantasizing about the Olsen

twins — the music was seriously heavy. Opener Kid

Rock, accompanied by arm candy Pamela Anderson, gave

an explosive rendition of his current single, a cover of Bad Company's "Feel Like

Makin' Love," swinging his stringy hair about and

clawing at his plugged-in acoustic guitar.

Mid-show, Matchbox Twenty, taking a break from their More

Than You Think You Are tour, received a standing O for

a spine-tingling version of their hit single, "Bright

Lights," which owed its rich sound to a full

orchestra, frontman Rob Thomas' finger-slamming piano

licks and guitarist Adam Gaynor's whacked-out chord progressions.

Perhaps nothing defines the year in pop culture better, though,

than farm boy/ "Punk'd" host Ashton Kutcher

receiving the award for Big Stylin' from his co-rat-packer P. Diddy. Well, either that or Hilary Duff, after beating out 50 Cent for the year's Biggest Breakthrough, eating nachos out of her trophy. Your pick.