Destiny's Child Promise Two Albums In 2004

Trio plan to drop first of their two new albums in February.

With Beyoncé's status as a pop icon growing by the millisecond, many have questioned whether or not she would in fact rejoin her group, Destiny's Child, to record another album like she's vowed she would. Well according to her record label, the naysayers will turn true believers come next year.

Destiny's Child will soon be coming back at full power, putting out two new albums in 2004. The first LP is currently slated for a February release, just in time for Valentine's Day. That opus will show that Beyoncé isn't the only one in the trio who is "crazy in love." The group's rep says the project will be themed around romance.

Later in 2004, a traditional DC3 album is supposed to come down the pike and focus on more than amorous musical premises.

But before they jump the gun and leap into next year's undertakings, the women of Destiny's Child are still deep into solo endeavors. Michelle has just signed on to take over the lead from Toni Braxton in the Broadway musical "Aida" on November 18. Michelle, who is already in rehearsals for her role, is also readying her second solo LP, Do You Know?, to come out in January. Meanwhile, Beyoncé is far from finished milking her musical cash cow — the multiplatinum, number-one-single-spawning Dangerously in Love.

B has chosen "Me, Myself and I" as the third single and wants to shoot the video in about a week and a half, possibly in New York. She's still deciding which director will helm the clip.