'Kill Bill' Assassin Vivica A. Fox Has Several New Films In Her Sights

Actress starring in 'Blast!,' 'Beauty Shop,' 'L.A. Enchanted.'

Just as audiences are finally getting a chance to see her bloody fight scene with Uma Thurman in "Kill Bill," Vivica A. Fox is gearing up to produce, star in and promote a slew of new projects.

The actress, who famously appeared as 50 Cent's date for MTV's Video Music Awards recently, has a full career plate filled with a variety of projects including a fairy tale, a sexy thriller, a movie set in a beauty shop and an action flick starring comedian Eddie Griffin.

"Blast!" finds the onetime "Undercover Brother" stepping away from comedy to play a tugboat captain who helps thwart a terrorist plot to set off an electromagnetic bomb on the California coast. Shot in South Africa earlier this year and set for release sometime next year, "Blast!" also stars Breckin Meyer ("Clueless") and Tom "Tiny" Lister Jr., best known for his portrayal of "Deebo" in the first two "Friday" films.

"I play an FBI agent in that [film]," Fox explained. "[I'm also] in 'L.A. Enchanted,' which is a fairy tale movie where I play a fairy. And I'm now producing films."

For starters, she just produced the erotically charged suspense thriller "Motive," which she also stars in alongside Sean Blakemore ("Dahmer"), Golden Brooks ("Timecode") and Shemar Moore ("The Brothers").

"It's kind of like an African-American version of 'Fatal Attraction,' and I play, believe it or not, the wife," she said laughing. "I'm the good one in this."

Right now Fox is heading to Washington, D.C., to work on a film called "Beauty Shop," which she called "the answer to [the 2002 film] 'Barbershop.' " Queen Latifah recently shot a cameo in "Barbershop 2," intending to spin off into a movie that's going by the same name (see "Queen Latifah In Talks For 'Barbershop 2' Cameo, Spinoff"), but Fox said that the two projects are not related.

"She may be doing [a movie called 'Beauty Shop,'] but [she's] not doing this one," Fox said. "There's a whole bunch of 'Beauty Shop's floating around. But I'm gonna beat them all to the punch."

Before any of these projects see the light of day, however, audiences can see her throwing plenty of punches in "Kill Bill," Quentin Tarantino's bloody tribute to kung fu movies, revenge flicks and spaghetti Westerns starring Uma Thurman as an ex-assassin who comes after her former teammates (including Vivica) after they try to take her out.

"What I love about my [fight] scene with Uma is that we nicknamed it 'The Brawl in Pasadena,' " Fox joked, "because there weren't a lot of tricks; it was in your face. It was violent. We pulled no punches but threw a whole bunch of them. We demolished my [character's] perfect little home in suburban Pasadena, [California,] and made no apologies about it."

Fox said she hopes the visceral battles in "Kill Bill" will be embraced by moviegoers growing increasingly tired of the computer-generated, wire-work-heavy action sequences of late. "I think that [audiences] are going to welcome 'Kill Bill' with open arms, just because they've been desensitized to real actors doing their fight scenes. You look at a movie nowadays and you're like, 'Do you guys really think that they did that?'

"Our scene, literally me and Uma filmed 95 percent of it," she boasted. "There's only one stunt I think that was performed by [our] stunt doubles. We did everything and we were covered in bruises. But it was so worth it. It was just an awesome scene to film and both of us sacrificed a lot physically. We beat the living crap out of each other. But when they yelled, 'Cut,' we go, 'Are you all right?' "