G-Unit, Mobb Deep, D-Block In Talks For Joint Tour

Trek could begin as soon as three weeks from now.

50 Cent has a new mansion with a club, swimming pools and man-made waterfall just waiting for him when he's done touring. Most people would probably never leave home if they had a posh pad like that, but 50 acts like he doesn't ever want to go home.

According to sources within the camps of Mobb Deep and the LOX's D-Block crew, both factions have been in talks with the G-Unit and are close to finalizing plans for a tour that would roll out as soon as three weeks from now with all three street-credible crews on the bill.

No details or tour dates have been officially disclosed by any of the artists' record labels, but a title for the tour that has been thrown around is Beg for Mercy, which is also the name of the G-Unit's November 18 release (see "50 Cent, G-Unit Plan To Make Fans Beg For Mercy On New LP"). They just put out a video for "Stunt 101" featuring Brandy as a car salesperson.

Mobb Deep are in the studio finishing up their LP, which they hope to drop early next year. The D-Block crew are also in the lab, with Jadakiss, Styles and J-Hood all working on solo LPs.