Fred Durst, Halle Berry Suck Face In 'Behind Blue Eyes' Clip

Video to premiere on MTV's 'Making the Video' in October.

Fred Durst has found another way to get back at Britney. He's stealing her thunder with a much steamier kiss of his own.

In the video for "Behind Blue Eyes," the second single from Limp Bizkit's Results May Vary, Durst passionately makes out with Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry, star of the upcoming flick "Gothika," which will feature the song (see "Fred Durst Talks More Trash About Britney, Borland; Nabs Halle Berry For Clip").

(Click for photos from the video).

"It was all that and then some," Durst said afterward of the kiss. "There was this moment where I'm getting ready to kiss her and I thought it might feel weird, but it really felt right, and I think it read that way on film. It's very convincing, very real and I think we both had a good time doing it."

Durst, who directed the video for the Who cover in Los Angeles over the weekend, described the finale in his treatment as "the greatest kiss you'll ever see."

"She said, 'I'm fine, let's go,' " "Gothika" producer Joel Silver said of Berry's initial reaction to the treatment. "She's an actress, she has a little statue at home, she knows what she's doing. She and Fred talked about how they wanted to do it, how they wanted it to look, and he directed it."

In the video, Berry plays an asylum psychiatrist so attached to one of her patients (Durst), she is able to see through his eyes. The story was inspired by the song's most memorable lyrics, "No one knows what it's like/ To be a bad man/ To be a sad man/ Behind blue eyes."

"It feels like a little film," Durst said of the video, which allowed the aspiring film director to work with some big names in the business, including Silver and director of photography Don Burgess ("Cast Away," "Forrest Gump").

"Me as a filmmaker, definitely my motivations were to work with Joel to let him see I am serious about directing and that I can work well with people and actors and crews and things," Durst explained. "I can deliver something that I think is going to be timeless and really good and not only be something that is moving because of what it is ... it's going to be something that can do what he wants it to do and market the movie and become a symbol for the power of that film that's coming out."

To his credit, Durst did impress Silver, whose credits include "The Matrix" and "Lethal Weapon" movies. "I haven't seen it cut together, but what Fred has shot is really inspired stuff, really beautifully done, great performances," the producer said, also noting, "The song works great at the end of the movie; it works great as a motif for the movie."

Results May Vary is due Tuesday, while "Gothika," which also stars Penélope Cruz and Robert Downey Jr., will hit theaters October 24. The video will premiere on MTV's "Making the Video" next month.

To hear Limp Bizkit's Results May Vary, check out's "The Leak."