Eve Says Ruff Ryders Still Family, Won't Make New LP If She's Too Burnt

Album with Dr. Dre still in preproduction due to her busy schedule.

Eve's term as the First Lady of Ruff Ryders is far from over.

"Ruff Ryders is definitely still involved, they're still my family, but Dre is taking over this album and that's about it," Eve said recently, clearing up rumors about her recording situation. "It's not a jump-ship type of thing."

Eve and Dr. Dre have been discussing ideas for months now, but Eve said the album is still in preproduction because of her busy schedule.

When she's not in Hollywood working on her UPN show, "Eve," the multitalented entertainer has been in Chicago filming "Barbershop 2" or in New York working on her new fashion line, Fetish.

"You want to put that same energy that you put in everything else into your album, especially because that's what people know me as first," Eve said on the "Barbershop 2" set. "I don't want to do a half-ass [record]. If I can't get the energy up to complete this album, then I won't do one until I am ready to do it.

"But I'm going to try it until I pass out or something," she added, laughing.

Eve is hoping for a March release date on the as-yet-untitled record. Although Dre is also working with her "Barbershop 2" co-star Ice Cube (see "Dr. Dre To Produce Next Ice Cube Record"), there are no plans for the three to collaborate.

"We've honestly never talked about it," Eve said. "We talk about movie stuff [but] we've never really talked about music stuff."

And speaking of movie stuff, Eve said her character in "Barbershop 2" has moved on to a different love interest, although she would not reveal his identity.

"It's not who everybody would think it should be or could be," she said. "You got to go see it and pay!"

Eve also revealed the she has no scenes with the cast's new addition, fellow rapper Queen Latifah, and she will not appear in the Queen's spin-off, "Beautyshop."

"Eve," the show, begins airing Monday (September 15) at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT.

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