Glimmer Of The Old Jewel Shines Through On New Single

Her socially conscious 'Stand' talks about tackling corruption.

Jewel surprised us all with her new look and sound on "Intuition," but a little bit of the old Jewel that fans knew and loved is creeping back on her next single, "Stand."

The most socially conscious song on her new 0304, "Stand" name-checks Marvin Gaye and Woody Guthrie as it tells of taking a stand against corruption.

"It's a real challenge as a songwriter to write a pop song that's hooky and melodic that has something to say still," Jewel said. "I was really turned on by doing that on this record. It's a really catchy song, 'Stand,' with a real strong chorus that actually says quite a bit . ... You know, you can marry pop music with a really good lyric. I definitely try at least."

The song's lyrics — which tackle cops shoplifting, mayors spending city funds on prostitutes, and other such scandals — are going to be closely mirrored in the video, which the singer is shooting in Los Angeles. Directors Chris Applebaum (Semisonic, Mighty Mighty Bosstones) and Chris Dooley promise the clip will be a "groundbreaking" blend of live action and computer graphics, incorporating images from Brand New School, the folks responsible for Dashboard Confessional's "Hands Down" video as well as the promos for the 2003 MTV Movie Awards.

Fans who enter a charity auction on Jewel's Web site get a shot at being in the clip. All proceeds go to the Clearwater Project.

Outside of her video, Jewel has more television time in the works. For her next acting endeavor, she's going to play Rob Lowe's former fiancee in his upcoming NBC fall drama, "The Lyon's Den." Jewel will guest star in three episodes, going head-to-head with her character's ex as a lawyer from the Department of Justice.

Meanwhile, Jewel's big-screen project "Wave" is expected to start shooting next year, after she finishes her fall tour (see "Jewel Writing Poems For Lovers, Plans To Star In New Movie"). Jewel's also picked up another opening act for that tour: singer/songwriter Josh Kelly (see "Jewel To Hit The Road In September"). The first leg starts September 19 in North Charleston, South Carolina.