David Banner Clears Up What Dirty Water Is All About

But rapper won't elaborate on injury that sidelined him.

His raging stage shows have temporarily put David Banner on the shelf, but the Mississippi madman wouldn't change a thing if he had to do it all again.

"I'm blessed, man," Banner said recently while visiting New York. "I'm just trying to continue this momentum." The momentum is being slowed down because of an injury that he refused to disclose. The ailment will require "a slight surgery," forcing Banner to miss the rest of his appearances on the Dirty South Mix Tape Tour (see "David Banner, Lil Jon Co-Headline Dirty South Mix Tape Tour").

"My shows are pretty intense," explained Banner, who has gone so far as spitting fire, jumping off speakers, crowd-surfing and carrying fans on his back at some of his shows. "It's like my body couldn't take it. It's a minor surgery, but it could've turned into something big. It'll probably be about four weeks [before I heal]. I hate it because the cities that we're hitting on the tour are probably the most important ones, as far as the cities that initially supported me."

Banner said touring with the likes of Lil Jon & the Eastside Boyz and the Ying Yang Twins was one of the best times in his life because he'd formed a kinship with the tour's roster outside of music.

He and his bud Jon are going to be hooking again in the next few weeks. Jon, Jazze Pha, Just Blaze, the Medicine Men's KLC, Digital Underground's Shock-G and the Trackstars (Chingy's "Right Thurr") are among the producers working on Banner's next LP, Mississippi: The Album 2 — Baptized in Dirty Water.

"I really have a lot to say on this album," Banner said. " 'Dirty water' [means] I look at the spiritual side of my life and the things that I wanna do. Right now I'm basically engulfed in the streets, I'm engulfed in the strip clubs, I'm around drugs, sex and money 90 percent of the day. So it's like, through all of the spiritual things that I wanna do and my understanding of God, I've been changed. But by the same token, the water and the surroundings from which I've made my transition are still dirty. The only thing that 'dirty' really means is that it's full of a lot of different elements anyway. It doesn't necessarily mean negative. When something is clear, that means that it holds no content. So Baptized in Dirty Water, I got a lot I'm dealing with."

Even though Banner's only going to produce a couple of tracks for Dirty Water, his plate is still pretty full. He's fielded calls from Redman, Busta Rhymes, Bone Crusher, Erykah Badu and Lil' Flip to lay tracks for all of their upcoming projects.

And although he's looking forward to the future, the crunk MC is still focused on the here and now. He just shot a video for the next single from Mississippi: The Album, "Cadillac on 22's" (see "David Banner Continues To Fly The Flag For Mississippi").

"It's the best rap video in the last three years," Banner bragged. "More or less the song is basically my letter to God. In the video I'm out playing with some kids, and a little girl that's sitting out there sees a Cadillac on 22-[inch rims]. She runs out in the street and gets struck down by a car. From that point it's my responsibility to take her to the crossroads, to the crossing over from earth to heaven. We go through the funeral, we meet up with spirits of two guys that were hanged in Jackson within the last five years. Through us walking through to the transition between earth and heaven, we see their souls, saying that they're not ready to come yet because the case hasn't been solved."

Besides making music, Banner is also in the midst of putting together "Mississippi: The Movie." He described the film as being a genuine depiction of the people in his home state.