Fred Durst Kidnaps Latest Celebrity Crush In New Bizkit Clip

Frontman abducts Thora Birch in video for 'Eat You Alive.'

He's tried offering professional assistance. He's tried online pleas. Now Fred Durst is going the way of the caveman to win the affections of his latest crush.

In the video for "Eat You Alive," the first single from Limp Bizkit's new album, Durst kidnaps his object of desire, played by "Ghost World" and "American Beauty" actress Thora Birch, and carts her off into the woods. Birch's father, played by actor Bill Paxton ("Twister," "Spy Kids 3-D"), is in hot pursuit with a posse in tow, determined not to let Durst lay a finger, or anything else, on his daughter.

But Durst, ever the charmer, eventually wins Birch's heart despite his felonious means, much to the chagrin of Paxton.

Durst directed and edited the clip, which he described on Limp Bizkit's Web site,, as "a backwoods approach to courting a woman." It was filmed earlier this month in Los Angeles and will premiere on "TRL" on Wednesday (see "Fred Durst Wants Somebody So Bad He's Ready To Eat Her Alive").

The frontman explained later in the post that he cast Birch because he's "always had a thing for her in real life." He went on to say that if the video came true ("without the kidnapping, of course") and Birch really did fall for him, it "would be tight."

Birch is the latest crush Durst has made public. Previously he has proclaimed his fondness for Britney Spears and Angelina Jolie.

The 16-track follow-up to 2000's Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water, which is also set to include a cover of the Who's "Behind Blue Eyes" and the new song "Stick 'Em," is due September 23 (see "Re-Do Of Who's 'Blue' In Queue For Overdue Bizkit Stew"). In a radio interview last week, Durst claimed the album will be called Surrender, though Limp Bizkit's label, Interscope, wouldn't confirm it.

The title of Bizkit's fourth album has changed no less than four times since production on the album started more than a year ago.