'Underworld' Star Kate Beckinsale Bitten By The Vampire Bug

Actress says she'd love to do a sequel to upcoming action-horror flick.

Perhaps the legend is true — once you're bitten by a vampire, there's no going back.

Kate Beckinsale finished making the vampires vs. werewolves movie "Underworld" late last year and already she can't wait to sink her teeth back into the role.

"I would love to do it again," said the English actress, who plays a bloodsucker named Selene. "I had an amazing experience on this movie. I think that when you push yourself beyond what you think your limits are — like, a lot — it's a really profound kind of life experience. And I had an amazing time on this."

So amazing that by the time production was over, Beckinsale was engaged to director Len Wiseman, who made music videos for Megadeth and Quarashi before tackling "Underworld." "If Len directed [a sequel], I would do it," she said.

Wiseman's take on "Underworld"'s monsters eschews many of the staples of the horror genre in favor of more contemporary flash and "cool." His vampires and "Lycans" pack pistols and perform "Matrix"-like stunts (see "Kate Beckinsale's Next Film Mixes Vampires, 'Matrix,' Leather Pants").

"I'm actually not a big vampire movie fan," Beckinsale said. "I was really drawn to it by the fact that it's a great action movie, [with] a female lead like 'La Femme Nikita.' I think there is something really cool about seeing a woman kick ass, whether you're a man or a woman. For a woman it's kind of empowering, but for a man it's kind of hot."

But not the sort of "hot" moviegoers may be used to seeing in action-horror movies. For example, don't expect to see Beckinsale take it off in "Underworld."

"I feel like I've been waiting for years and years to read a script that has a female lead in an action movie that could have just as well been a guy," the "Pearl Harbor" actress said proudly. "There is no concession to the fact that she is a woman. She doesn't have a tearful breakdown or suddenly get in the shower or anything."

Even the romance between Beckinsale and Scott Speedman ("Felicity"), who plays her furry enemy, isn't the focus of the movie. "People are sort of talking about it being a love story, [but] it's less a love story than 'The Matrix.' There's an attraction there between my character and Scott Speedman's character, but the main thrust of the movie is absolutely not a love story. It's action."

"Underworld" hits theaters September 19.