KRS-One Clears Up Label Dispute; The Kristyle Due In August

Last month Koch tried to release an incomplete version of the album called Kristyles.

Maybe he'll pop a bottle of Cristal — KRS-One has come to an amicable agreement with Koch Records to release his next LP, The Kristyle, on August 26.

In late June, KRS-One scolded Koch for what he called "devious" and "wack" business tactics when the label pushed forward with the release of an incomplete version of the album they titled Kristyles (see "Angry At 'Devious' Record Label, KRS-One Halts Sales Of New LP"). Besides not spelling the LP's title the way he intended and mislabeling some of the songs, Koch also left out several tracks KRS-One had wanted to include, such as a tribute to Jam Master Jay.

KRS was so furious, he filed for and was granted a court injunction to halt the release the album on June 24, the day it was slated to hit stores. Some copies of Kristyles were sold, though, because stores had already received their shipments of the album, and not all of them knew about the injunction.

The battling MC was unable to be reached for comment but released a statement via his label that said, "Despite the most recent events, Koch ... is still a great label. There is no personal beef between us, and I am pleased that we were able to work this situation out."

KRS released the book "Ruminations" in June and is now touring the Midwest.