Rusty Waters Member, Sister Say They're Innocent In Jam Master Jay's Murder

New York police currently looking into Allen's possible involvement in Jay's murder.

Randy Allen, a childhood friend of Jam Master Jay's, and Allen's sister, Lydia High, spoke out on New York radio station Hot 97 Wednesday morning (June 25) to proclaim their innocence in the legendary DJ's murder.

Since Jay's death last October, published reports have speculated that the two may have conspired to kill him for various reasons, the most prominent being an alleged plan to cash in on a large life-insurance policy that Jay and Allen, who was an artist Jay produced, took out on each other (see "Jam Master Jay Probe Looking At DJ's Longtime Friend Randy Allen"). The policy allegedly named Allen as the beneficiary in the event of Jay's demise, but since then, both he and the police have dispelled that theory. Last month in an interview with the New York Daily News, Jay's mother, Connie Mizell, voiced her suspicions about the siblings and said that she was very upset with Allen because he had not been in contact with the family since the tragedy (see "Who Killed Jam Master Jay?").

"She made me nervous because she told me, 'Get away from me, don't touch me. Don't come near me, I don't want to talk to you,' " Allen said regarding the last conversation he had with Mrs. Mizell just days after Jay was killed. "From that moment, I felt like she needed space to breathe. She needed air. She needed to get her head together." 

Last week, an investigator on the case confirmed to MTV News that the New York Police Department was in fact looking into Allen's involvement in the murder although he has not been named as a suspect (see "NYPD: Rusty Waters Rapper Not Suspect In Jam Master Jay Case"). In fact, the police have yet to name any suspect in the crime.

High, who was at the 24/7 studio in Queens, New York, with Jay and her brother at the time of the murder, claimed her life was also in jeopardy that fateful night.

"The individuals that came into the studio that night had masks on and put a gun to my head," she said. "They told me to lay down on the ground [and] I thought I was gonna die. I thought they were gonna kill me. As I laid down to the ground, I thought that was it ... I have no regrets. I've known Jay all my life. He's given me so much [and] I've learned so much from him."

High, who also handled some managerial responsibilities for the DJing icon, said that she has cooperated with the police "110 percent."

Neither High nor Allen offered any speculation on who might have killed Jay or a motive, but Allen did dispel some of the published speculation — such as Jay being in debt over his head to various parties.

"His finances didn't get him killed," Allen affirmed. "Him not having money or him having too much money didn't get him killed.

"Everybody is saying that his finances got him caught up in a bind. I don't think his finances was the reason why he got caught up," Allen continued.

Allen, who raps under the name MDR along with Jay's nephew, Boe Skagz, in the group Rusty Waters, also downplayed reports that Curtis Scoon, a former associate of Jay's, might have wanted him dead.

"They may have had their little situation back in the days, but I don't think it was anything that would lead to Jay's death. I know it wasn't that deep of a situation."

While Allen acknowledged that his relationship with Jay's family has deteriorated since the murder, he claimed it was not because of anything he had done.

"First of all, I love Jay's family," said Allen, who said he was upset that Connie Mizell shunned him after the murder. "That's like my family. I understand that everybody is a little upset ... I'm upset. I'm spinning — I'm lost a lot of moments out of the day. They don't have to call me — I go in front of the house every other day. It's not me saying 'Don't come near me,' it's them saying it to me. I didn't want to get my feelings hurt cause they like family. I don't know what it is, but I do respect everybody's space. If you known me all my life, and you tell me get away from you, I'm not gonna approach you."

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