Clownfish, Thieves, Mutant Cannibals Hit Theaters This Weekend

'Finding Nemo,' 'The Italian Job,' 'Wrong Turn' open.

Moviegoers hunting for new flicks this week will find a cartoon fish looking for his child, thieves looking for gold and a few people looking to stay alive as "Finding Nemo," "The Italian Job" and "Wrong Turn" hit theaters.

When it came time to shoot "The Italian Job" — a remake of the 1969 heist movie that stars Edward Norton, Mark Wahlberg and Mos Def (see "Director F. Gary Gray Wraps Up 'Italian Job,' Sings Mos Def's Praises") — actress Charlize Theron found certain parts of the preparation process to be a little bit sexist.

"There is always this naiveté that women will take longer to get as good [at something] as the men," she explained recently. "And I remember from day one they gave me much more time in driving school than the guys, and I was like, 'Wait a second, excuse me,' you know?"

Theron proved to be not only as adept, but in some cases, better at performing her own stunts than her male co-stars, all of which amounts to an action-heavy flick where the audience will see the actors' faces in more than just the close-ups. "It was great," Theron added, "[because] it was such a sibling rivalry between us — we were just constantly waiting for one person to do something wussy so we could just go, 'Ahh! See you don't know how to drive that car!' "

The folks in "Wrong Turn" could have used some lessons in steering clear of unpaved roads in the West Virginia wilderness. "Wrong Turn" is a "Texas Chainsaw Massacre"-like horror flick starring Eliza Dushku — best known as butt-kicking killer Faith on TV's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" — as part of a group of stranded young people terrorized by mutant cannibal hillbillies.

Most of the characters in "Finding Nemo" are also trying to avoid becoming someone else's dinner — because they're fish. "Nemo" is the latest from Pixar, the CGI animation studio responsible for "Monsters, Inc." and "Toy Story." It's about a clownfish searching for his son. (Click for photos from "Finding Nemo.")

All three pictures will have to contend with the box-office power of Jim Carrey's "Bruce Almighty," which knocked "The Matrix Reloaded" from the top spot at the box office last week (see " 'Bruce' Proves Neo's Not The Only One Who Can Beat 'The Matrix' ").