Joe Budden Fights To Get His Voice Heard ... Literally

Fortunately, rapper has already completed his self-titled debut, due June 10.

Ever since he popped up on the scene last year with the song "Focus," Joe Budden has been the fresh new face that hip-hop fans have been checking for. And with his recent Just Blaze-produced single "Pump It Up" blowing up on the streets, on the radio and in the clubs, Joe is a man in high demand. But that popularity is taking a toll on the New Jersey rapper's most precious musical instrument ... his voice.

After losing his voice in the middle of a show recently, Budden was diagnosed with having a polyp on his vocal cord. According to voice disorder specialist Dr. Lucian Sulica of the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, Joe's polyp is like a callous or blister on his vocal cord, most likely caused by the stressful demands of his constant performing and promoting.

While resting one's voice can temporarily help a polyp from becoming further irritated, sometimes the growth must be surgically removed. That procedure carries with it a risk of leaving patients with a scar on their vocal cord and permanent hoarseness in their voice.

But for now, one polyp won't stop Joe's show. His representative said Budden will not be going under the knife, and that he will continue touring with Method Man, Noreaga and Keith Murray on the Def Jam Vendetta Tour. And luckily, he has already completed his self-titled debut album, due out June 10. So how will the highly anticipated MC make sure that his new fans can enjoy his rhymes for years to come? For now, Joe will be avoiding unnecessary gum-flapping on show days, drinking soda and doing too many interviews.