Dave Grohl, Jack Black Hit New 'Low' Dressing As Drag Queens For Video

Clip is for 'Low,' the next single off their most recent album, One by One.

The home video footage is shocking enough: Inside a divey hotel room, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl wiggles his tush and wriggles out of a pair of tight white shorts, then dances around in a women's tank top, stockings and a garter belt before flinging a shoe at the camera.

What's perhaps even stranger is that the clip is a scene from the Foo Fighters' video for "Low," the next single from the band's most recent album, One by One.

The entire video will feature Grohl and actor/Tenacious D frontman Jack Black dressed in drag and goofing around, said the band's publicist. In one scene, Black is filmed wearing a curly black wig, baseball cap, pink bikini top and pair of shorts decorated with hearts while Grohl, in a blonde wig, applies lipstick in a mirror. The scene is capped by Black grabbing his crotch.

Later, Grohl writhes on the bed in a pair of black panties. In the most bizarre scene, Grohl perches on all fours and Black spanks him from behind. Then the camera cuts to a long shot of their four legs twitching and intertwined.

The "Low" video features the most intimate tape of Grohl and Black together, but their relationship is far from a fling. Black first appeared with Grohl in the 1999 Foos video for "Learning to Fly," then Grohl played drums on the 2001 Tenacious D record and guest starred in the band's video for "Tribute."