'Real Cancun,' 'Confidence,' 'Identity' Among Flicks Hitting Theaters

All these films must compete against Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson's 'Anger Management,' which has ruled box office since release.

Moviegoers will have a chance to choose between high drama and the height of the "reality" genre as "Identity," "It Runs in the Family," "Confidence" and Spring Break reality movie "The Real Cancun" arrive in theaters.

"The Real Cancun" documents the adventures of 16 college-age kids put in a house together in Cancun, Mexico, during Spring Break of this year. It's like an entire season of a reality show condensed into a flick, complete with all of the hookups, drunken binges and general debauchery, from the production team behind MTV's "The Real World." (Click for photos from "The Real Cancun.")

While it's also about a group of strangers stuck in the same place, "Identity" is on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. It's a drama about 10 people who, while holed up in a remote hotel during a storm, have to unlock the mysterious connection between them to discover why they are gradually being killed off one by one.

Meanwhile, the ensemble in "It Runs in the Family," which includes the father/son duo of Oscar winners Kirk and Michael Douglas and other members of their family, aren't in mortal danger but have plenty of personal problems to deal with nonetheless.

And finally "Confidence," the other new picture going into wide release this week, stars Edward Burns ("Saving Private Ryan") as a badly indebted crook forced to pull off a con job for an offbeat gangster (Dustin Hoffman).

In select cities this week, there's "City of Ghosts," the directorial debut of Matt Dillon ("Something About Mary"), Al Pacino's "People I Know" and the indie flick "Manic," starring Don Cheadle ("Traffic").

All of these films will compete against the might of Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson's "Anger Management," which has ruled the box office since its release (see " 'Anger Management' Beats Out 'Holes' To Hold Top Box-Office Spot").