X Gon' Give It To Werewolves? Rapper Mulls Supernatural Role

DMX in talks to star as werewolf hunter tracking down man-beasts in Hollywood Hills.

DMX's next film role could lend some new meaning to his frequent shout-out of "Where's my dogs at?"

The rapper-turned-actor is in talks to produce and star in "Werewolf," reportedly as an enigmatic werewolf-hunting bluesman tracking down a pack of high-rolling, drug-addicted man-beasts living in the Hollywood Hills.

X, who's currently finishing up a flick called "Never Die Alone," recently announced he'll put down the mic following the release of his upcoming fifth album, It's Not a Game, to devote more time to spiritual pursuits and making movies (see "DMX Retiring From Hip-Hop, Plans To Read His Bible").

All three of DMX's major roles thus far — 2000's "Romeo Must Die," the following year's "Exit Wounds" and this year's box office-topping "Cradle 2 the Grave" — were headed up by director Andrzej Bartkowiak and producer Joel Silver ("The Matrix"). If X decides to load his piece with silver bullets, "Werewolf" will see him working with Italian director Dario Piana in his American feature debut.

"Werewolf" is scheduled to begin filming toward the end of the year for a 2004 release and is said to be in the vein of badass-vampire-hunter flick "Blade." It's one of many werewolf-themed flicks in the works, including the vampire/werewolf war movie "Underworld" (see "Kate Beckinsale's Next Film Mixes Vampires, 'Matrix,' Leather Pants") and "Van Helsing" (see "Wolverine Vs. Wolf Man: Hugh Jackman Follows 'X2' With 'Van Helsing' ").