Red And Meth To Break Out Of 'Jail'

Rap duo's third film project may not go into production until early 2004.

Hip-hop best buddies Redman and Method Man have already created rap magic with songs like “Whateva Man” and their 1999 collaborative record, Blackout! But it was their onscreen comic chemistry that made the duo's first movie, "How High," a hit, landing them a Right Guard deodorant campaign. Now it's about to make them a Hollywood laugh franchise.

Like a new-millennium version of the classic screen duo of Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder, Red and Meth have not one, but three buddy flicks in the works. According to their manager and film producer, the two rappers hope to start production this summer on the first film, which features the mischievous pair as average joes who are forced to become undercover DEA agents. The as-yet-untitled flick will be co-produced by Danny DeVito’s Jersey Films, the same team that worked on "How High" (see "Method Man & Redman: 'How High' ").

The second film, called "Jailbreakers," is a remake of a Japanese comedy from the same team that remade another Japanese film, last year’s horror hit "The Ring." In "Jailbreakers," the Funk Doc and his boy Tical play inmates who break out of jail only to find that they’ve already been granted pardons.

Red and Meth’s third film project, which may not go into production until early 2004, is described by a spokesperson as a hip-hop version of the blockbuster Broadway musical "The Producers," with the duo starring as aspiring record-label execs who promise their investors more than they can deliver.

And in a display of super-human strength and endurance, Redman and Method Man will somehow squeeze out enough time and energy between films to release one solo album each, as well as start recording a second collaborative album (see "Method Man Has His Eyes Set On Tamrya Gray"), tentatively titled B.A.S.I.C., which stands for "Bricks and Staten Island Connect."