'Matrix Reloaded' LP To Feature Dave Matthews Remix, Linkin Park, Manson

Deftones, Paul Oakenfold, Rob Zombie also included on soundtrack.

The two-CD Matrix Reloaded: The Album will have plenty of the bangin' hard rock you would expect to hear on the soundtrack to one of the year's most anticipated action movies. But it will also feature a surprise left-field remix from a group you hardly associate with guns, grit and amped-up guitars: the Dave Matthews Band.

Paul Oakenfold does a remix of the Dave Matthews Band song "When the World Ends," which will run over the movie's end credits. The revamped version of the ballad from Matthews' 2001 Everyday album was slated for release almost two years ago, but it was pulled in light of the September 11 attacks because of the ominous edge of the song's title.

Along with new tracks from Rob Zombie ("Reload"), Marilyn Manson ("This Is the New Sh--"), P.O.D. ("Sleeping Awake") (see "P.O.D. Record 'Matrix Reloaded' Single With Marcos' Replacement") and Deftones ("Lucky You"),

Matrix Reloaded: The Album (May 6) will feature a number of

interactive materials tied to the movie and a second album with 40 minutes of the movie's score.

Among the acts offering previously unreleased tracks are Fluke, Juno

Reactor, Paul Oakenfold and Team Sleep (the side band of Deftones leader Chino Moreno). "Session," from Linkin Park's Meteora, will also appear on the album, as will previously released songs from Rage Against the Machine and Unloco.

The set's first disc will also have some enhanced features, including access to an exclusive "Matrix Reloaded" trailer, an extended preview of the animated spinoff "Animatrix," and behind-the-scenes footage of the making of the "Enter the Matrix" video game (see "Keanu Reeves, Marilyn Manson Show Up For 10-Minute 'Matrix' "). The movie will hit theaters on May 15.

Track list for Matrix Reloaded: The Album:

    Disc 1

  • Linkin Park - "Session"

  • Marilyn Manson - "This Is the New Sh--"

  • Rob Zombie - "Reload"

  • Rob Dougan - "Furious Angels" (Instrumental)

  • Deftones - "Lucky You"

  • Team Sleep - "The Passportal"

  • P.O.D. - "Sleeping Awake"

  • Unloco - "Bruises"

  • Rage Against the Machine - "Calm Like a Bomb"

  • Oakenfold - "Dread Rock"

  • Fluke - "Zion"

  • Dave Matthews Band - "When the World Ends (Oakenfold Remix)"

    Disc 2

  • Don Davis - "Main Title"

  • Don Davis - "Trinity Dream"

  • Juno Reactor - "Tea House"

  • Rob Dougan - "Chateau"

  • Juno Reactor - "Mona Lisa Overdrive"

  • Don Davis vs. Juno Reactor - "Burly Brawl"

  • Don Davis - "Reloaded Suite"

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