Korn, Snot Guitarists To Play With Bizkit At Wrestlemania

Meanwhile, band's next album is now called Fetus More.

When Limp Bizkit perform at Wrestlemania XIX on Sunday, Korn's Brian "Head" Welch and Snot's Mike Smith will fill the guitarist slot that once belonged to Wes Borland.

Fred Durst made the announcement in a post on the band's Web site on Wednesday (March 26), but he didn't elaborate on whether either of them would join the band permanently

While Durst himself and other guitarists have done most of the recording for Limp Bizkit's next album, Smith has long been rumored to be Borland's replacement. "We've been working with Mike for a while," Durst confirmed in his message. "He's dope."

Management was not available to comment on Wednesday. Jonathan Davis said recently that Head is definitely not leaving Korn.

Meanwhile, Durst noted the proper follow-up to 2000's Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water, due June 17, would not be titled Bipolar. He said the current name is Fetus More, a possible play off the original Less Is More, but he noted that that's only "until I decide it shouldn't be."

"Whatever I'm feeling it is on the day the artwork is due, then that will be the final title," Durst wrote.

Durst had previously declared the album was done and being mixed, but he has since collaborated in the studio with Jay-Z (see "Fred Durst And Jay-Z Get 'Rebellious' On New Studio Track") as well as Snoop Dogg and Bubba Sparxxx (see "Snoop Dogg, Bubba Sparxxx May Appear On Limp Bizkit Album").

"We are gonna go back in the studio Monday and record three more songs," Durst wrote. "We just can't stop the creative process. As soon as we think we're done, some other phat-ass riff comes barreling out of our amps. Next thing you know we have another song."

Also on Wednesday, Durst denied that "Just Drop Dead," a song he recently posted on the Web site, is about Britney Spears, as many had speculated. "It's about a girl who acts like a whore," he said (see "New Limp Bizkit Song Disses Durst's Fizzled Flame").

Elsewhere in the post, the frontman revealed that Limp Bizkit will play "Crack Addict" and "a surprise song" at Sunday's WWE event. He also announced that a new Web site would launch soon, and he asked fans to call his manager to suggest what type of single the band should release.

"I'm feeling the majority of everyone wants us to drop a super heavy traditional Limp song first, and some people want something totally opposite. I'd like to hear what you think," Durst wrote, before listing his manager's phone number.