Snoop Dogg, Bubba Sparxxx May Appear On Limp Bizkit Album

Rappers joined Fred Durst in a Los Angeles studio last week.

Fred Durst has invited another couple of guests to the party that promises to be Limp Bizkit's new album, Bipolar.

Rappers Snoop Dogg and Bubba Sparxxx recorded an unnamed song in a Los Angeles studio last week, according to an Interscope spokesperson. Co-written by Durst and DJ Lethal, the tune is expected to appear on Limp Bizkit's fourth album, which is now due June 17, a month later than its previously expected date of May 13 (itself a delay from an earlier April 1 due date).

This is the second recently recorded Limp Bizkit song to feature an outsider. Earlier this month, Jay-Z and Durst worked together in a New York studio (see "Fred Durst And Jay-Z Get 'Rebellious' On New Studio Track"). Should it make the album, the collaboration would be a late addition to the Bipolar set, since Durst had previously claimed the follow-up to 2000's Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavored Water was finished and was being mixed in New York.

Durst spoke of the Snoop/Sparxxx collaboration in a post on Limp Bizkit's Web site, where he also expressed his feelings about the war in Iraq.

"I pray for all of the people over in Iraq that are fighting in this war, and I pray for anyone who gets hurt or is killed in this war," he wrote. "I also pray for all of the American troops that are fighting this war. I pray that they stand strong and that their courage won't let them down. And I pray that they come home safe and celebrate a U.S. victory."

Durst then added that the time for anti-war demonstrations are over now that military action has commenced. "We can't protest any longer. We have to support our country now because we are at the point of no return. Go USA! Go freedom for Iraq!"

His political views, however, also served as a skewed segue for a boast about Bipolar. "And on that note, our new CD is gonna hit you with a similar impact!" he wrote before signing off with what has become his signature closing: "I love you, and kiss my ass!"

Durst also said the band is rehearsing for its appearance at the WWE's Wrestlemania XIX on March 30 in Seattle. Snippets of "Crack Addict," another song slated for Bipolar, can be heard in TV ads for the event.