New Limp Bizkit Song Disses Durst's Fizzled Flame

'Just Drop Dead' available for download on band's Web site.

Fred Durst may have written the follow-up to "Nookie," and he posted the vengeful, vulgar sendoff on Limp Bizkit's Web site Tuesday.

A "raw, unmixed and straight from the studio" version of "Just Drop Dead" is available in MP3 format on A rudimentary buzz-saw guitar riff provides the framework for the chorus, and Durst's punchy staccato delivery unloads as many accusations on his target as he can cram into four minutes. When it finally hits, the multitracked chorus recalls those of 311 or Linkin Park, all weightless and drenched in reverb.

Though it's the first new sonic creation to publicly flow from the frontman in more than a year, "Just Drop Dead" is remarkable not for its music, but for its lyrics.

The tune opens with Durst wondering where, oh where, has his little love gone, only to be woken with phone calls from friends claiming they saw her with another. Devastated, he rails his paramour by pronouncing her a selfish, controlling, lying, cheating and unsympathetic player.

To those who follow online rumor mills and tabloids, the object of Durst's affection could be Britney Spears, whom he's either worked with professionally — according to Spears' label, Jive (see "Britney Spears And Fred Durst Shack Up ... In The Studio, At Least") — or not — according to Durst himself (see "Durst Attempts To Clear Things Up About Britney, New Album").

The first verse picks up where their relationship reportedly left off, after Spears was seen keeping company with another guy.

"Then I get a call/ Kinda woke me up/ Said they saw you chillin'/ With this young little f---," Durst raps before getting downright rude: "I ain't some punk ass/ Dealin' with your drunk ass/ Yeah, you might be fine/ But you crossed the f---in' line."

A spokesperson for Bizkit's management company claimed not to be aware of any connection between "Just Drop Dead" and Spears. It is also not known whether the song will appear on the band's new album, now titled Bipolar but still due in May. "Just Drop Dead" is "definitely" not the first single, the spokesperson said. "Crack Addict" had been previously confirmed as a single, though that decision has been scrapped without an alternative named.

The timing and impulsiveness of Durst's posts don't help to discount the Spears rumors. On Monday's episode of "TRL," when host Carson Daly asked whether she and Durst were dating, Spears made a sour face, shook her head and replied, "No, he's not my type."

When first asked about her relationship with Durst, she said, "I'm confused about that whole thing. We worked together for three days and he's a really cool guy, but there's no relationship. ... He's really sweet."

A message from Durst that accompanied the song almost sounds like a response: "It's a crazy world we live in, and too many people can't be honest."