Incubus Want Change Of Scenery For Morning View Follow-Up

Fans will get to hear some of band's new material on Lollapalooza this summer.

HOLLYWOOD — Incubus' morning view while recording their next album won't be ocean waves crashing against a foggy Malibu mountainside.

"We always like to do something different," singer Brandon Boyd said when asked if the band would reconvene to the mansion where it recorded Morning View. "We don't want to repeat the same formula. If we get a house, it'll be in a different place."

"It'll be in the snow," joked guitarist Mike Einziger. "A very dark record."

Incubus won't complete the album until after Lollapalooza wraps, but fans can expect to hear some new material when the band hits the stage this summer.

"It's a great place, in front of a festival crowd, to try new things," Boyd said at a press conference Monday announcing the tour (see "Lollapalooza Back To Showcase Musical Revolution, Perry Farrell Says"). "We actually like writing music like that, trial by fire."

Since Incubus finished touring in the fall, the band has been writing "at a fast, frantic, frenetic rate," yet still having fun, Einziger said.

"It's very melodic, very interesting musically," added Boyd.

The group filed a lawsuit against its record label last week in hopes of signing a better deal (see "Incubus Sue To Get Out Of Recording Contract"), and Einziger has formed a side project called the Time-Lapse Consortium with drummer Jose Pasillas and an 11-piece orchestra. The psychedelic funk group, along with Boyd on two songs, performed January 24 at the Roxy in West Hollywood, although Einziger has no studio plans for the group.

"It was just something that was done for pure musical enjoyment and literally nothing else," he said. "You never know, though. It'd be fun to record some stuff. I'm actually gonna put the live show on the Internet in a couple of days for free for everybody. If you hear it and you have a CD of it, burn it and give it to someone else. That's my style."

Incubus will join Jane's Addiction, Audioslave, Queens of the Stone Age, Jurassic 5 and others when Lollapalooza kicks off in July.

"It's the most exciting bill we've ever been on," Boyd said. "My first few concerts were the first Lollapaloozas, and we're honored to be a part of its return."