Survivor: Dumb Luck Runs Out

One week later, and I'm still giddy about Ozzy's awesome blindsiding. I might feel just the teeny, tiniest bit guilty about it if he hadn't been such an ass in his farewell speech. Boy do I hate a sore loser! Not to worry, though, Ozzy fans, I'm sure we'll still get plenty of reaction shots of him in the jury box. Cut to: Ozzy looking surprised, Ozzy rolling his eyes, Ozzy looking self-righteous, etc.

Erik was remarkably understanding about the vote, but Amanda and James weren't too cool with it. Another thing that wasn't cool? James's finger, which has a raging infection. Parvati knew she needed to do some damage control. Telling James that she intends to take Natalie and Alexis with her to the final three doesn't seem to me like the best way to go about it, but whatever. Amanda was a little bit smarter than James; she hid her anger towards Parvati, which will allow her to have an in with both alliances.

Auction time! Cirie bid first, on a hot dog and fries. I am shocked and impressed that she tried to stiff Jeff Probst, only giving him five $20s at first. Amanda bought a $280 peanut butter sandwich. Natalie won the right to send somebody to Exile Island. After learning that a new Idol has been planted, she sent Jason. She said that he shouldn't be mad since he gets a chance to look for the new Idol. Jeff chimed in, "Maybe this time you'll get a real one." Hee. If Amanda had any doubts about her place in the pecking order, they were undoubtedly put to rest when Natalie chose Cirie, Parvati, and Alexis to share her chocolate cake.

Poor, poor, dumb, dumb Jason thinks that Natalie is on his side because she voted for Ozzy last Tribal Council. That wasn't so much keeping her word as looking out for herself. Aw, he thinks he's in their alliance. That's so cute. However, since he is the luckiest Survivor of all time, he actually found the new hidden Immunity Idol. Hey, how hilarious would it be if the new Idol were a crudely whittled stick with a rudimentary face carved in it? I think the props department really missed an unprecedented comedy opportunity! The girls had plenty of time to form a plan to neutralize Jason's immunity while he was off at Exile Island. James and Erik were probably off on a man date somewhere; Erik needs a new boy-crush now that Ozzy is gone.

The Immunity Challenge took place on Erik's 22nd birthday. Natalie interviewed that if they couldn't get rid of Jason, they'd take James out, so that Erik could have a nice birthday. She also pulled Jason aside and convinced him not to win the challenge. I'm not sure whether he lost on purpose or not, but James and Erik made it to the finals, and Erik won. Aw, that's nice. It's like his ultimate Survivor birthday fantasy.

He wasn't quite as happy as the girls, though, who were excited that their plan is going to work. They're a little too self-congratulatory about the deviousness of their plan. While Jason was fishing, Natalie looked through his bag and discovered that he had the Idol. Then she pulled him aside and told him James is going, and he seemed to eat it right up. Natalie is playing smart, but she's just so damn proud of herself for being "cutthroat." She barely talked before this week's episode, and I'm already completely sick of her.

At Tribal Council, Ozzy gave the rest of the tribe the finger when the jury was brought in, than sat in the box looking sulky. He seriously needs to get over himself. He really thought he was that much more entitled to win the game than anybody else there, didn't he? Ass.

Oh, okay, back to the people who are actually still playing. Jeff sort of helped Natalie et al lure Jason into a sense of security by asking if he thinks his status had changed within the tribe. I guess it worked, because Jason did not play his Idol. The votes were split between Jason and James, although James cast a maverick vote for Parvati out of sheer spite. The final vote was for Jason, and once again an Immunity Idol holder is blindsided. Lesson learned: if you've got the hidden Immunity Idol, you'd better just play it. At least Jason was a more gracious loser than Ozzy, although he still pointed out that he wouldn't forget about the girls' actions when it's jury vote time.

Next week: Another medical emergency! Another new Immunity Idol! Family visits!

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