Juvenile Arrested For Cocaine, Marijuana Possession

Two of three other passengers in vehicle also booked on outstanding warrants.

Juvenile was arrested on drug charges in New Orleans Wednesday. The rapper, whose real name is Terius Gray, was booked on possession of marijuana and cocaine, along with three other people.

New Orleans police said that Gray was a passenger in a rented Lincoln Town Car that was stopped at a checkpoint to make sure drivers were carrying proof of insurance. Officers smelled, and then observed, two burning marijuana cigarettes in the car's ashtray. All four occupants — which, besides Gray, included driver Alvin Gus and fellow passengers Darrell Mitchell and Morris Pete — were arrested for possession of marijuana.

After a search of the vehicle, officers found a small amount of cocaine in the trunk and later booked the four occupants with possession of cocaine. Two of the vehicle's occupants, Gus and Pete, were also charged on outstanding warrants unrelated to the case.

Having since been released on his own recognizance, Gray claimed innocence on the charges via his lawyer.

"There were multiple parties in the car, the car was not owned by him and the bag [of cocaine] was not his. [Gray] is innocent of both charges," said Gray's attorney, Morton Fry.

Gray still faces simple battery and robbery charges stemming from a September incident in which he is accused of beating up and robbing a barber (see "Juvenile Turns Himself In On Charges Of Beating Up Barber").