Moby Congratulates Eminem, Makes Aliens Drunk And Fat

Electronic pop pacifist uses little aliens again for 'Sunday (The Day Before My Birthday)' clip.

Electronic pop pacifist Moby has been getting pretty galactic recently. Maybe it has something to do with the fears he's expressed on his Web site about the hostile visions of warmongers on this planet. Whatever the reason, he's decided to again focus on little green men for his video for "Sunday (The Day Before My Birthday)."

The clip is a continuation of a plot that began in his last video, "In This World," in which tiny aliens come down to Earth to make contact, but are too small to be seen by anyone. Both were directed by Style War.

"In the end of the [last] video the aliens go back to their home planet and they make a bigger sign," Moby said. "So in 'Sunday' they come back to Earth with a bigger sign, and everyone recognizes them. They become celebrities, and start going to sleazy celebrity parties and hanging out at celebrity nightclubs."

Of course, Moby couldn't settle for a video that was merely entertaining. He had to make sure there was some sort of social commentary.

"The aliens do an endorsement deal where they start selling out to different corporations," said Moby, who licensed every song off his 1999 Play album for use in advertisements, movies and TV shows. "They all become fat and drunk. And at the end, they all look at each other like, 'Well, what's happened? We've come to Earth and we've become awful.' So they get back in their spaceship and go home, and they have a picnic and play Frisbee with their dog."

Recently, Moby has had reason to relate to the misanthropic aliens. For some reason, he's become something of a punching bag for Eminem and has also been the victim of other unprovoked attacks, the worst of which happened in December when he was beaten after leaving a Boston nightclub (see "Moby Beaten, Sprayed With Mace Outside Boston Club").

"Apparently, a friend of one of the guys who attacked me called a radio station and said that it was a gay-bashing," Moby said. "The obvious irony there is that I'm not gay. I mean, I live in New York and I love hanging out in gay clubs, and a lot of my friends are gay. But, for better or for worse, I'm not gay. So, I do take a certain strange perverse pride in being one of the few heterosexual people in the world who've been gay-bashed."

After he was beaten up, Moby was vocal about not being mad at the thugs who clocked him. Similarly, he claims to not have any hard feelings about Eminem, who threatened to strike him at last year's VMAs, saying, "I will hit a man with glasses" (see "Was Eminem Out Of Line At VMAs, Or Just Being Real? Fans (And Triumph) Weigh In"). Moreover, he praises the irascible rapper for his success with the movie "8 Mile."

"I haven't seen '8 Mile,' but I hear it's really good," he said. "I don't actually get out to the cinema that often, but I might see it at some point. I'm certainly not opposed to the idea of seeing it, and everyone I've spoken to said it's actually really, really great. So, congratulations to Eminem."