New Outkast LP 'Like Two-For-One Lap Dance Day'

One side is solo Big Boi, other side is solo Andre 3000.

Outkast's latest protégé, Killer Mike, explained the hip-hop duo's upcoming project best. "It's like two-for-one lap dance day at your local gentleman's club," the titanic rapper said backstage at Monday's American Music Awards.

Due in late May, Speakerbox/Love Hater is a double album with disc one being a solo release from Big Boi and disc two a solo effort from Andre 3000.

"We both produce and we both do every little part of the music, so when you at home in your own kitchen or at Stankonia [studio], you're working at different vibes," Big Boi explained of the project, which he emphasized "has never been done before." "From a production standpoint, you get more done in a shorter amount of time."

Both discs will be treated like solo releases with separate singles and videos dropping simultaneously. Big Boi's first single is called "Church," while Dre's will be "Prototype."

The rappers will appear on each other's albums, along with a carnival of collaborators, including Jay-Z and Killer Mike on Big Boi's "Flip Flop Rock."

"It's just like any other Outkast album — we use extra spices and preservatives where we need them," Big Boi said. "The Dungeon Family is there, we also got Jay-Z, Bubba Sparxxx, Killer Mike, Bun B. from U.G.K."

While Dre's Love Hater will be somewhat of a concept album about relationships and will tie into a movie he plans to star in of the same name (see "Outkast's Dre Using '8 Mile' As Template For His Own Movie"), Big Boi's Speakerbox will be more of a straight-up ode to classic hip-hop.

"We're taking it back to the essence of just beats, rhymes and straight funk," he said. "We're trying to make love to your earlobe through the speaker."

Big Boi and Dre recorded more than 40 tracks apiece, but each disc will be narrowed down to 14 tunes. "We still have like four albums of material that we're going to put out later in the year," Big Boi promised.

Meanwhile, Outkast will appear on several tracks on Killer Mike's debut, Monster, due March 11. The first single, "Action," is at radio and video outlets now and will be followed by "A.D.I.D.A.S.," which, like's Korn's song of the same name, is an acronym for "All Day I Dream About Sex."

Killer Mike, who appeared on Oukast's "The Whole World" single, is joined by Big Boi on "A.D.I.D.A.S." A video will be shot next month in Atlanta during the NBA All-Star Weekend.

"It's gonna be lots of ladies, lots of athletes, lots of sex, drugs, rap and roll," Mike said.

Outkast won Favorite Hip-hop/R&B Group at Monday's American Music Awards (see "Missing Eminem Cleans Up At American Music Awards" or click for photos from the red carpet).