Nelly, Justin Bring Video Cameras To Playboy Mansion

Duo shoot clip for 'Work It,' from Nellyville.

Never mind the giant trampoline or the scantily clad Playmates dodging flamingos, Nelly and Justin Timberlake were working at the Playboy Mansion on Friday. Honest.

Nelly and "his dirty," as he calls the 'NSYNC singer, crashed Hugh Hefner's notorious Beverly Hills estate to shoot a video for the pair's song "Work It," the fourth single from Nellyville.

In the clip, directed by Joseph Kahn (Eminem's "Without Me," No Doubt's "Hey Baby"), Nelly and Timberlake play gardeners dressed in matching jumpsuits with name patches sewn on. When a playful scuffle breaks out between the two, Nelly's runaway lawnmower crashes through the bushes and onto the Playboy estate. (Timberlake, who has a rake in the clip, told Kahn, "I'm not used to manual labor," when he was directed to use the tool.)

Of course, the gardeners have to retrieve the mower, and in doing so, find themselves in an illustrious world most men only dream about.

"Work It" follows the smash Nellyville singles "Hot in Herre," "Dilemma" and "Air Force Ones," which has quickly climbed to #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.

Earlier this week, Nelly was nominated for five Grammys, including the coveted Album of the Year (see "Eminem, Avril Lavigne, Nelly, Norah Jones Nab Most Grammy Noms").